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Banks, art galleries, retail chains and sensitive sites know to trust Black Box Security when it comes to protecting their staff, property and assets. We offer full turnkey design, supply, install, monitoring, commissioning and planned preventative maintenance for all types of electronic security systems, including hold up, staff alarms and deterrent systems for projects from small pharmacies to sites that house national art collections.  Our systems can be monitored for police response and are backed by a 24-hour a day engineering response team to ensure your safety and protection have guaranteed round the clock protection.

Our CCTV systems can do more than just record, when combined with audio deterrence, external detection, ANPR and video analytics, they can react and warn you of danger without the need for human intervention.  With our long expertise in system integration, we can provide multiple site monitoring from a single location, warn people when a critical incident is detected or automatically summon police assistance.

We offer a range of monitoring systems with Fire, Police response or warnings on critical plant like servers, freezers or generators. Whether via a traditional telephone line, IP or the mobile data network, we have devices that can help ensure your business runs smoothly.

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BlackBox is ISO2015 Accredited