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Commercial: Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are mission critical; they ensure business continuity by protecting people, property and assets. Black Box Security has systems installed within data centres, distribution centres, Grade A office space, retail chains and industrial sites. Backed by our expertise in security monitoring, we also offer fire monitoring for fire and rescue service attendance on new and existing installations. We also offer full maintenance packages, even on systems considered by our competitors to be ‘closed protocol’.

Commercial: Fire False Alarm Management / Difficult Sites

False fire alarms and the subsequent down time can have a major impact on business. False alarm elimination is our strategic objective and we aim to deliver fire alarm systems that never ‘cry wolf’, no matter what the complexity of the site. We can apply our knowledge and technology to existing or new sites, or assist you with phased upgrades to achieve your objectives and capital expenditure constraints. We have developed bespoke fire detection and alarm systems to food preparation facilities, recycling centres and sport stadia.

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BlackBox is ISO2015 Accredited